What To Get Your Husband As A Birthday Gift If He's An Avid Motorcycle Rider

Do you know how to stay safe out there on the road? Some aspects of motor sports safety aren't very obvious. Click here to learn about them.

What To Get Your Husband As A Birthday Gift If He's An Avid Motorcycle Rider

20 May 2019
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If your husband is an avid motorcyclist, and you're planning on getting him a gift, then it is a great idea to pick out a gift that fits his love of motorcycling. Guys who love riding motorcycles love the get the accessories that can be used to enjoy their bike. Whether your husband is the type who rides European or Asian style sport motorcycles, or if they like American style motorcycles, they will enjoy receiving accessories that they can use to further enjoy their bike. Here's some different motorcycle themed accessorizes to consider. 

Fancy Motorcycle Gloves

When you ride a motorcycle, the wind will really hit your hands and cause them to get cold. The harsh wind is also abrasive, so gloves are a must. If your husband has been riding for a while, his pair of gloves might be a bit beaten up. So, a great gift idea would be to get him a brand new pair of really fancy motorcycle gloves. You should look for a pair that is made with a high quality synthetic material that is both designed to withstand the cold weather, the rain, as well as wear and tear. 

A Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

All motorcycle riders need a good leather jacket. These are important not just for style (though they are really cool looking) but they are important also for protection. You should look for a jacket that has been rated for motorcycle riding safety (these will often be sold in specialty motorcycle apparel stores). They might have reinforced elbow sections and you can also look for ones that have body armor implemented in the shoulder sections. This design will help if your husband is ever involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Helmet With Built In Radio

Another fun gift idea would be a new motorcycle helmet with built in blue-tooth radio. If you're husband has an older helmet, then odds are that his older helmet doesn't have good radio quality. Not only that, but it is important to replace a motorcycle helmet every couple of years, so it is very likely that he is due for a new helmet at this point. You can also find one that has some cool features such as an auto-darkening visor, as well as proper ventilation to keep him cool. If you are unsure of his size, make sure to consult the manufacturer with the measurements of his current helmet. 

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