Caring For Your First Harley

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Caring For Your First Harley

14 July 2017
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After saving up for and finding the best Harley Davidson motorcycle you can afford, you may be eager to ride your new bike everywhere. However, to protect the investment that you've made, it's smart to know which protective actions and maintenance tasks you'll have to pay attention to so you can keep the bike in like-new condition. Start with some of these ideas.

Read the Manual

Few things seem less cool than sitting down with the owner's manual for a motorcycle. In fact, many new owners toss the manual aside and figure that they already know what they're doing. However, the company is the best source of information about your bike, so it's important to see what they've got to say. The manual will give you definitive answers to questions about how inflated the tires should be, what kind of fuel is best, and how often the bike's oil should be changed. If you can comply with all the information you read in the manual, you'll be well on your way to protecting the motorcycle you've bought.

Change the Air Filter Often

You might be vaguely aware that your bike's air filter works to stop dirt, dust, insects, and other debris from getting into engine components. What you may not realize is how often the filter needs to be changed. The manual is likely to have some general guidelines to follow, but you may want to check the filter weekly to see if it needs to be cleaned or changed out. This is especially important if you regularly find yourself in dusty conditions; to prevent engine damage from all that dust, you need to be sure that the filter is kept clear. Checking the filter weekly allows you to become familiar with how your bike runs.

Keep it Covered

You might want to leave the bike out so that you and others can see it in the driveway and be impressed with it, but if you want your bike to last, a cover is best. Not only will a good cover protect the motorcycle from rain, but it will provide protection against the sun's UV rays, which could affect leather and other parts over time.

When getting a cover, remember to get one that is big enough to cover your bike even if you later choose to make improvements or get add-ons. It's also important that you don't forget to get a cover with ventilation panels which will ensure that moisture won't get trapped.

Caring for your new motorcycle with these pointers is a good way to ensure you're able to ride your bike for a long time without problems.

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