Three Reasons To Consider Buying A Bell 500 As Your First Motorcycle Helmet

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Three Reasons To Consider Buying A Bell 500 As Your First Motorcycle Helmet

10 May 2017
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If you are planning to buy your first motorcycle or scooter, then you will need a helmet. Although there are a lot of brands and models to choose from, you should give consideration to buying a Bell Custom 500 helmet as your first choice. The following are a few good reasons to buy this particular helmet.

They are open-faced helmets

An open-faced helmet is often more comfortable for the first-time motorcycle rider. You won't feel as if you are suffocating, and this is often how a newbie rider feels when using a full-faced helmet. As a new rider, you need to focus on your riding and avoid all distractions, especially those created by your helmet. You will feel the wind on your face with this type of helmet, but for a scooter rider or a motorcycle ridden around town, this is not a problem. There is also less constraint in the movement of your head, you will be able to develop good habits when looking out for traffic.

There are many accessories and styles

The Bell 500 helmet has been around for many years, so you have likely seen them on riders around your town as well as in the movies and on television. But, this has created some misconceptions. For one, many people mistakenly believe that these helmets are only available in a limited number of solid colors. However, there are many designs to choose from as well as a wide range of solid colors. Because they are open-faced helmets, you will need goggles, but shields are also an option. They simply snap onto the helmet. Sun visors are also available and snap on as well.

They are simple designs

The modern design of the Bell 500 has undergone only slight modifications since it originally hit the market. The big reason for its popularity is in its simplicity, and this is perhaps the best reason for a beginner to use one. If you decide to ride a more powerful motorcycle or go on long trips, you may want to explore other options. But when you are first starting out, the light weight and comfort of these helmets do not create a distraction to an inexperienced rider, and they still offer safety in the event of an accident.

Before you start looking at every motorcycle helmet you see, you should start by looking at the Bell Custom 500 helmet first, and then you can expand your search. You may find the 500 helmets to be ideal for a beginner. These helmets can be purchased in motorcycle shops, but by using a size chart, you can purchase them online from the comfort of your home.

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